Business Security

Security Assessment Services and Associates Pty Ltd (SASAA) have the knowledge and enthusiasm to provide your business with a complete security package.

New Business Consultation

Pre-constructionsuitability of the premises; either new build or facilities undergoing refurbishment. This is for food businesses which require expert advice and guidance on food standards legislation – Australian standard for design, construction and fit-out of food premises (pre-council inspection for occupation certificate (OC))

Post-construction – this consultation is aimed at food business owners/managers/operators who wish to know exactly how to prepare, produce, sell and supply food that is safe to eat.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Management

As this new virus rapidly spreads you will need to ensure that your food business has robust checks and systems in place to ensure COVID-19 is not transmitted to your food preparation facility. We develop procedures, control points and provide staff training that will greatly mitigate the risk of contamination to your food business.

Support for Existing Businesses

As an established business you will need to keep up to date with legal requirements and good practices. You may wish to expand your business by providing new food products, or develop new and more efficient food production processes. You may want to improve your food hygiene standards, or meet the requirements of a recognised accreditation scheme such as HACCP certification. You may require specialist advice to satisfy the ongoing demands made by your local enforcement agency or your management and/or your customers.

Food Safety Audits

At agreed intervals throughout the year, we can evaluate your premises for food safety hazards, check whether policies and procedures are being followed, review reports provided by external contractors, and consider the need for training. We use a score system to calculate your compliance. Our audits identify the good practices worth celebrating, as well as the areas for improvement requiring your attention.


HACCP Policy & Procedures

These are the instructions, methods, and working practices that will help you to consistently prepare/produce/supply safe and good quality food. Our documented policies and procedures include:

  • ‘Good Hygiene Practices’ (personal hygiene, cleaning, training etc.)
  • ‘Safe Operating Procedures’ (heat treatment, food receipt stock control, food storage)
  • HACCP Plans
  • ‘Food Safety Monitoring’ records. These are always tailored to the activities of your food business, and are delivered in a way that is easy to understand and follow.

Supplier Assurance Audit

This is to ensure your food suppliers maintain the same high standards of food safety as you. It ensures confidence in the food ingredients and products arriving at your door each week. By auditing your supply chain, we are able to provide you with honest and objective feedback on how your suppliers are performing.

Food Complaint Investigations

Should a foreign object be found in the food, or if there is a suspected case of food poisoning, it is advisable to investigate it in a timely fashion and respond to the customer in an appropriate manner. We can investigate the complaint on your behalf, liaise directly with complainants and advise on additional control measures should this be necessary.

Food Safety Packages

This is generally our clients’ preferred option and consists of:

  • An agreed number of audits per year to identify areas for improvement and highlight examples of good practice
  • A verbal report followed by a detailed written report of findings
  • Advice and guidance on food safety and hygiene matters on request, as and when required by you
  • Team member training
  • Liaison with enforcement authorities if required

Some of our Food Safety (HACCP) Clients




“Over the last few years I have been working closely with Rob from FBS here at Qudos Bank Arena. He is a very experienced and extremely efficient partner for food safety and quality management and training. He assists us in enhancing our Food Safety Policy, procedures and staff training to ensure we are operating at a high standard.”

Alexander Hau
Executive Chef
Qudos Bank Arena
Olympic Park Sydney

“F&B Solutions has been a key partner in Food Safety risk management for the past 10 years. Rob Taggart’s extensive knowledge of the food service industry means he can offer advice in many areas of food safety and legislation. He has been a flexible and reassuring adviser, especially during the development and implementation of our Food Safety (HACCP) Policy.

Quarterly food safety audits conducted by FBS have allowed us to effectively manage our food safety compliance with confidence by enabling senior club management to have complete visibility to nonconformities raised including audit scores/ benchmarks and closeouts.

Rob has always been great to work with and I wish him continued success.”

Glenn Ward
General Manager
North Sydney Leagues Club

“Rob has provided food safety auditing and advice to a number of hotels I have supported in Melbourne, Canberra and Sydney over a ten-year period. His practical understanding of kitchens and staff from his operational experience enables Rob to provide pragmatic and useful recommendations that help Chefs build and enhance their food safety capabilities and systems.”

Phil Rice
Portfolio Risk Manager

“I organised for FBS to create our HACCP plan, train our staff and audit our business on an ongoing basis. Rob Taggart provided the expertise to complete these tasks professionally and in a timely manner. With Rob’s help, the team was able to grasp the requirements and achieve remarkable results. I would recommend Rob and will use him again in the future”

David Grosvenor
Catering Manager
The Cosmopolitan Espresso and Food Emporium