GoldPhos now has 12% Sulphur, including both Sulphate Sulphur for immediate plant uptake and Elemental Sulphur for season long availability. This high performance fertiliser is especially beneficial for grains, oilseeds and pasture.
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GoldPhos is a compound granule combining MAP and SOA which means nutrients are distributed evenly in the field compared to dry blends.

The compound granule technology allows the root system to contact nutrients from one point source in the soil, compared to scavenging for scattered individual nutrients when dry blends are used.

GoldPhos contains Sulphate Sulphur (5 percent) allowing immediate plant uptake and Elemental Sulphur (7 percent) for season long availability.

Typical Analysis
N% P% S%
11 17.5 12
  • Chemical name

    Mono ammonium phosphate plus ammonium sulphate

  • Crop Segments

    Winter Crops, Summer Crops, Pasture

  • Features

    Nitrogen, phosphorous and sulphur in one granule

  • Quality & Handling

    Hard, uniformly sized 2-4 mm granules

  • Blending

    Blends with the majority of fertilisers


Ammnonia gas is reacted with phosphoric acid and sulphate ammonina is blended prior to granulation.


GoldPhos is a starter cropping fertiliser and is also suitable for pastures with each granule containing nitrogen, phosphorus and sulphur.

Storage & Handling
  • Will store freely in flat storage for extended periods with little concern about moisture uptake.
  • Covering with a tarp will reduce any moist air uptake.
  • The use of augers may damage the fertiliser and increase any handling problems.
  • Do not leave exposed to moist air.
  • Either fill or empty (completely), the drill or air-seeder fertiliser box overnight.
  • Raise the equipment tynes from the soil to stop moisture moving up the tubes.
  • For sowing there is little risk of affecting germination, even at high rates. As a general rule, a maximum of 20kg/ha of nitrogen at seeding of cereals and oilseeds should be used.
  • When applying GoldPhos, the fertiliser should be banded 5cm away from the seed, either below or to the side.
  • Do not store in silos.